Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter

**Purchase only includes jar of CHOCOLATE CHIP Peanut Butter, adjust quantities as desired. All other ingredients will need to be purchased separately. Enjoy!


-2 eggs and one egg white, mixed together (for pancakes)

-1/2 cup uncooked old-fashioned oatmeal

-1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder

-1/4 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt or plain Greek yogurt

-1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

-1/2 packet coconut palm sugar

-2 tbsp of Chocolate Chip Buff Bake butter

-Cooking spray

-2 eggs (over medium)

-2 pieces of bacon


Instructions for pancakes:

Mix first five ingredients together in a bowl. Spray a small non-stick frying pan with cooking spray and turn heat to medium. Add pancake mixture to pan, cook until edges are firm. Flip, and cook one to two more minutes. Slide onto a plate and top with Chocolate Chip Buff Bake butter!!!

Additional Instruction:

Crack two eggs in a pan and cook over medium. Place two slices of bacon in the microwave and cook until crispy!

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