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Birthday Cake Lovers (4 cookies, 4 single serves, 1 jar)

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gluten free

This really is your favorite GLUTEN FREE snack, PACKED with PROTEIN! We like to celebrate everyday with a little birthday cake and now you can have your cake and eat it too! With 16g of Protein per cookie and 12g of protein per nut butter serving consider this the GLUTEN FREE, all-natural, protein-packed treat that you can’t beat!

Gluten Free

16g of Protein Per Cookie
All Natural Ingredients


Comes with

1 Jar of Birthday Cake Almond Butter

4 GLUTEN FREE Birthday Cake Protein Cookies

4 Birthday Cake Almond Butter Single Serves

Birthday Cake Almond Spread

Nutrition Birthday-Cake-Almond-Spread

Birthday Cake Cookie

Nutrition Birthday-Cake-Cookie

Birthday Cake Almond Spread

Ingredients Birthday-Cake-Almond-Spread

Birthday Cake Cookie

Ingredients Birthday-Cake-Cookie