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Republic x Buff Bake FAQ

How much do I need to invest? 

  • We decided on a minimum investment of $100 so that almost everyone who believes in our vision wouldn’t have a barrier to entry.  A single individual can invest up to $107,000 

If I invest, do I get actual shares in the company?

  • Investments made in this campaign are through a convertible instrument called a Crowd SAFE which can convert to shares of the company in a future financing round (if we decide to do so), or will become shares of the company or cash if we are bought, sell our assets or go public.  You can find out more details by visiting the campaign page.

Why should I invest now? 

  • Investments during this campaign on Republic come with a few benefits.
    • As mentioned above, the opportunity for shares in the company through the Crowd SAFE instrument
    • Gain additional perks such as discounted product & Buff Bake gift cards
    • Opportunities to be a part of feedback groups around new product launches & flavors

Where can I find out more?